Cradle to Cradle certified

CradleVent® is the world's first Cradle to Cradle certified ventilation duct

Cradle to Cradle certified

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  • Efficient air distribution and good indoor climate

    Textile ducts are very well-suited for efficient, uniform and draught-free distribution of fresh air without "dead zones". Stale and stagnant air may cause fatigue and headache. KE Fibertec's textile ducts create an effective air change and a good indoor climate in schools, offices, shops, showrooms and other types of rooms where many people are assembled.

  • Flexibility and tailored solutions

    Flexibility and tailored designs characterize KE Fibertec's textile based ventilation (TBV) solutions. Here you may freely choose the size that fits the architecture of the building the best. Also you may choose from an almost unlimited range of system layouts, colours, materials, and whether the TBV system must be passive, hybrid, or active.

  • Unique materials and colours

    As the only manufacturer in the world we offer customized woven textiles from our own weaving mill. Our materials are designed for air distribution - not for tents or patio blinds when it comes to uniform air distribution, shrinkage after washing, colour-fastness, and not least best possible Dust Holding Capacity. We offer a wide range of standard colours.

  • Fire approved materials

    Naturally, all KE Fibertec materials have been fire-tested and approved according to international fire standards incl. EN 13501-1.

  • Hygienic and easy to maintain

    All TBV systems are easily dismounted and washed in a washing machine. Our processed Trevira CS materials absorb max. 1% water even at a relative humidity of more than 90% and the materials are approved for the food industry. In extremely humid environments we recommend an additional Antibac treatment of the materials that renders them resistant towards fungi and micro-organisms. Please note that the effect is non-existing at rates below 85% RF.

  • Excellent acoustic properties

    Our low impulse systems possess unique properties as to noise generation and if correctly dimensioned they can be used for sound studios without additional costs. At the same time the textiles act as sound baffles below the ceiling where they absorb and break down a part of the noise reflected.

  • No condensation problems

    All our low impulse and hybrid ducts (not coated materials) are made of permeable textiles where a little air will always diffuse through the surface. This prevents condensation problems on the surface, even in very humid rooms (>90% RH) thus rendering insulation unneccessary.

  • Easy to transport and install

    Our materials weigh 260 - 330 g/m2 which is much lighter than spiro ducts. At the same time textile ducts are much easier to handle and to transport as they are folded and packed in cartons of a maximum weight of 25 kg. KE Fibertec's suspension rails are delivered in exact lengths rendering installation easier and quicker than for similar systems.

  • Sustainable ventilation

    All KE Fibertec textile ducts are based on Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified yarns (12.0.03665). Our production is certified according to the ISO 14001 standard (Environmental Management System). Transportation and disposal of textile duct systems produce less CO2 pollutants than conventional steel ducts. CradleVent is the world's only Cradle to Cradle certified ventilation duct.

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Other advantages

  • KE Fibertec guarantees to match any competitors' price for an equal product offering

  • KE Fibertec products come folded in cardboard boxes measuring 600 x 600 x 300mm

  • The suspension rails come packed in 2500 x 100 x 100mm boxes

  • The small dimensions of the packing boxes mean they are easy to store on site and can fit into all but the smallest of vans

  • The textile ducts are wrapped in polythene bags inside the cardboard boxes to avoid soiling

  • The boxes are easy to identify with KE Fibertec labels attached

  • KE Fibertec use UPS to deliver most systems. This allows us and the customer to track the location of the delivery and is easy to obtain proof of delivery

  • The ducts are very light, the heaviest single duct section will weigh 10kg, and most ducts weigh less than 1kg / metre, so no lifting equipment is required to install

  • The KE Fibertec polyester materials are designed to hold very little water; this means that there is nothing for microorganisms to grow on

  • Where very high humidity is present ( over 85% ) we can add an active silver antimicrobial treatment to our materials. We prefer not to add this to our ducts if it is not completely necessary, so it is not a standard coating

  • Textile ducting is easy to clean regularly, without the employment of a specialist contractor

  • The ducts can be laundered in a washing machine. KE Fibertec offers a full washing and repair service

  • Fabric ducting systems can be used in buildings where there would not be sufficient strength to support steel ductwork, this is because fabric ducting and its suspension typically weighs approximately 1-2kg / metre. These could be temporary structures like marquees, or older buildings where ducts need to be retro-fitted, but little additional load bearing capability is available

  • The ducts do not require heavy lifting equipment to install

  • Each box of ducting is well below the safe handling limit of a single person

  • Our D-Lite-Alu suspension system is designed to mount directly to a suspended ceiling with no additional supports required

  • Installing Fabric ducts is much safer due to the low weight

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Bespoke Materials

  • GreenWeave (low energy and sustainable material)

    GreenWeave is especially suited for comfort installations with high demands on indoor air quality. Typical applications are offices, schools, laboratories, conference centres, and cold work rooms in food industry.

    • Clean breathing air. GreenWeave filters the supply air as an M6 prefilter acc. to EN779:2012
    • Longer washing intervals with staple fibre yarns that ensure largest possible textile surface. GreenWeave has a dust holding capacity of 25 g/m² textile surface acc. to EN779:2012
    • No chemical additives. Green-Weave is made of 100% recycable material and is Cradle-to-Cradle certified
    • Fire tested acc. to EN13501 B-S1-d0 without any finishing treatment
    • Hygienic and washable material that does not condense
    • Optional antistatic feature

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  • MultiWeave (durable and versatile material)

    MultiWeave is a multifunctional material that is highly suited for many different applications, from cleanroom facilities of ISO class 4, industrial facilities and sports halls to equalizing rooms in meat factories.

    • MultiWeave is made of multi-filament yarns with a plain surface structure. The filtration of the supply air is equivalent to that of a G2 prefilter acc. to EN779:2012
    • The material is cleanroom certified as class 4 acc. to ISO 14644-1 - no shedding of particles
    • Fire tested acc. to EN13501 B-S1-d0 without any finishing treatment
    • Highly durable material. Tear strength of 110- 210 N acc. to EN ISO 13937:2
    • Optional antimicrobial (Antibac) treatment for very humid envi-ronments (> 85% RH). The Anti-bac treatment may be harmful to the external environment

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  • ZeroWeave (airtight material)

    ZeroWeave is an airtight, low-maintenance material with a wide range of application possibilities such as supermarkets, large sports arenas, swimming pools, high-bay industrial facilities, and rooms with high dust generation or limited accessibility.

    • ZeroWeave is an air tight material so the filter efficiency is zero. All the air is distributed through holes or nozzles
    • No PVC, halogens or other harmful substances. The material can be lasercut to improve the finished quality
    • Fire tested acc. to EN13501 B-S1-d0 without any finishing treatment
    • No condensation issues when used in environments below 90%  RH
    • Washing not needed in order to maintain functionality. Only for hygienic and aesthetic reasons

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  • Nomex

    Nomex materials are made of high-temperature-resistant aromatic polyamide fibres which - equivalent to GreenWeave materials - are woven of staple fibre yarns, i.e. yarns that are spun of short thin fibres.

    The final yarn is made by twisting two yarns into one yarn that is used both in warp and weft direction (length- and crosswise of fabric). The result is a fabric that is capable of carrying a large amount of dust without blocking the air flow through the material. Such blocking would require washing of the textile duct to ensure the distribution of the calculated quantity of air at the calculated pressure loss.

    Similar to Trevira CS, Nomex materials are flame retardant, however, Nomex holds the extra feature of having a very high melting and self-ignition temperature. Nomex does not melt but decomposes at 370°C. Nomex materials for TBV are mostly applied in the shipping industry.

  • KE Fibertec textile mill

    To ensure that KE Fibertec's stringent quality requirements are met, all its textile materials are woven at KE Fibertec's own textile mill (KE Fibertec Væveri). This allows us to ensure that the entire process from yarn to finished product has gone through our ISO 9001 quality assurance system.

    Our textile mill currently uses the latest technology, including state-of-the-art air-jet looms. This means that we are able, in collaboration with our development department, to develop new and better materials at any time, all for the benefit of the finished fabric's quality and of the end user, too.

    KE Fibertec uses only dyed and heat-treated yarns, which are heat fixed under constant supervision in order to achieve the most uniform and shrink-stable product possible. As a result, we are now able to offer the best guarantee on the market of maximum shrinkage of 0.5%.

    All the materials are also permeability-stabilised, which ensures the proper passage of air even after washing. This is absolutely crucial to the function of the textile ducts.

    For example, large variations in permeability will lead to excess consumption of energy if the material's weave is too tight or to pulsations around the inlet because the material's weave has become too loose.


KE Fibertec offers unique materials and colours, the majority of which are Cradle to Cradle certified.

Textile materials - colours and qualities

Nozzles - colours and sizes

Textile duct with logo

Use the textile duct to display specific messages or your company logo. By doing so you can brand your company towards employees, customers and visitors of a factory, office, showroom, sports hall etc. All logo types and colours are allowed and the image will look the same wash after wash. 

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