Textile Ductwork - It started as a dream...

It started as a dream - a dream of creating a cutting edge cosmetology school with highly developed study facilities in unique surroundings. Surroundings in which you may easily forget whether you are in New York or in Kolding.

The two owners of Birch & Baagø Cosmetology School which is located in a former textile factory in Kolding, have succeeded in creating a 1,000 m² New York environment divided into a lecture room, a reception area with cafeteria, a large clinical area, and a students' kitchen.     

In a co-operation with BL Klima, KE Fibertec AS has designed a layout with textile ductwork that perfectly matches these special surroundings.

The chosen ventilation system is a KE-Inject Textile Ductwork System in white, coated material, elegantly suspended in Safetrack in the open rafter construction. The requirements were for full comfort everywhere. The fan provides 7,500 m³ of air that is used for both heating and ventilating of the large rooms.

As the clients are often sitting or lying quite still for relatively long periods of time, the demand on comfort was invariable. Therefore, the solution of a KE-Inject Textile Ductwork system in the patented LV design was the only system fully qualified to meet these strict demands.     

Anni Baagø of Birch & Baagø says, "I am very pleased with the ventilation result from BL Klima and KE Fibertec.The textile ductwork matches perfectly the environment that we wish to create in our new premises. At the same time the indoor climate is good, and so far we  have only received positive feedback".

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All materials are fire approved according to EN 13501-1
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Textile ducting from KE Fibertec part of award-winning sustainable building
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