Why textile ductwork?

Textile ducts are very well-suited for efficient, uniform, and draught-free distribution of fresh air without "dead zones".

Why textile ducts?

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Typical benefits in these installations;

  • maintains the integrity of the fume cupboards - containment
  • Prevents draughts that are often experienced with terminal hepa filters; the ducting provides even air distribution over a long run
  • Very low terminal velocities
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Non shedding of fibres when using KE's certified clean room textiles
  • Air ciculationin the room can be induced with the inclusion of the KE-Inject® LaserCut which caters for a little heating in a virtually isothermal room

System and section choices available;

  • KE-Low Impulse®, KE-Interior®, and KE-Inject® LaserCut
  • "O", "D" or quadrant section of ducts
  • Clean Room ducts - white only
  • Fume cupboard laboratories - full choice of colours
  • Anti-static textile options suitable for explosion proof labs

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