KE Fibertec weaving mill

KE Fibertec is the only manufacturer of textile ducts worldwide to have their own weaving mill

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KE Fibertec UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent Danish company, KE Fibertec AS based in Vejen, Denmark.

Based out of an office in Fareham Hampshire, KE Fibertec UK Ltd offers a full range of design and fulfillment of all KE Fibertec products, as well as the complimentary range of products available from Euroair AS.

The team of professionally qualified engineers based from the Fareham office are available to discuss all aspects of customers projects, and will offer best advice to fellow professionals so that the correct ventilation system can be selected from our range of products.

From this office we can provide the following services

  • Qualified engineers with a wealth of knowledge of textile based ventilation design
  • Project assessment and general advice on best product suitability
  • Reliable design using our TBV Designer program
  • Installation advice and technical support
  • Maintenance schedules arranged
  • Washing and repair service from this office
  • Site visits available throughout the UK

More information
about KE Fibertec

  • History

    The foundation of KE Fibertec goes back to 1963 when Keld Ellentoft (KE) began manufacturing filterbags for industry. In 1996 KE Fibertec was founded in a management buyout by two leading staff members, Henning S. Jensen and Carsten Jespersen. In March 2007 Henning S. Jensen sold his shares to Jysk-Fynsk Kapital AS, and Sales Director Carsten Jespersen was appointed new managing director.

    KE Fibertec is owned by Jysk-Fynsk Kapital AS (70%), Elkær Invest A/S (10%), and KE Pulje ApS (20%). KE Pulje is owned by the day-to-day management group of KE Fibertec (Managing Director Carsten Jespersen, Production Director Johnny Kusk Møller, and Financial Manager Svend Anker Fogh).

    Behind Jysk-Fynsk Kapital are four well-known Danish family foundations: Genua A/S (Primo Group), Hoffmann Esbjerg Holding A/S (Arovit Petfood), Elkær Invest A/S (Tvilum A/S), and Vald. Birn Holding A/S (Vald. Birn A/S).

    The KE Fibertec Group currently consists of eight subsidiaries, four sales subsidiaries in the UK, Germany and the USA in addition to Euro Air A/S. In addition, there are three production subsidiaries, KE Fibertec Væveri in Denmark, Euro Air CZ and Air Distribution Concepts in the US, and in 2024 a new member joined the KE Group, KE Techmon, a Danish-based installation company.

    Through controlled growth and acquisitions, KE Gruppen has consolidated its position as the world's largest manufacturer of textile ducting.

    KE Gruppen currently employs 150 people with approx. 55 employed in the Danish companies and the rest in the foreign subsidiaries. In recent years, KE Fibertec has invested heavily in energy-friendly and sustainable solutions.

    KE Fibertec was first marketed by Industcool in the UK, then up until 2004 by JSP Airfridge. Since 2004, KE Fibertec UK have been selling the products under their own name.

    KE Fibertec Group as of 1 January, 2024


  • Environment and energy
    • KE Fibertec is ISO 14001 certified

    • Reusable packaging systems employed

    • KE Fibertec's Safetrack rails contain 25-30 % recycled aluminium.

    • Production waste is incinerated and used for district heating. Low weight and compact size of textile ducting systems equates to low CO2 generation from shipping. Trevira CS do not use solvents, and do not use compounds containing halogen or nitrogen

    • No chemical finish is required for flame retardancy on Trevira CS products.

    • 36 % less consumption of water when washing Trevira CS textiles, compared with cotton materials.

    • CradleVent products are fully recyclable.

    Read about our work with environment, energy and CSR at KE Fibertec Group website

  • Quality

    KE Fibertec is ISO 9001 certified which is a strategic management system to monitor the quality of all internal processes. Our goal is to deliver high quality products and services as agreed with the customer.

    We take pride in working honestly and keeping reliability towards our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

    Your time is valuable, and we understand the importance of delivering on time. 99.0% of our orders are delivered at the confirmed date.

    Any errors will be corrected immediately. Our report system identifies and implements actions necessary to obtain continuous improvements. We have constant focus on customer complaints and have been able to reduce this number to a historic low of 0.076% in 2018.

    Customer complaints %

  • Jobs

    Currently we do not have any job openings but feel free to send us an unsolicited application on

  • KE Fibertec weaving mill

    As the only manufacturer of textile ducts in the world, KE Fibertec in Vejen, Denmark, has its own weaving mill. KE Fibertec Væveri dates back to 1977 and is run by Frank Hansen, the third generation of the company. In 2023, a new extension was built to house the KE Fibertec Group's material innovation centre.

    KE Fibertec Væveri is the only company in the world market that exclusively weaves materials for textile based ventilation. This gives us a unique opportunity to select raw materials that give our textile materials the exact properties we want and that benefit our customers. This applies to properties such as shrinkage stability, colour fastness, fire properties that do not require leaching of spin oils before testing, High Dust Holding Capacity (longer washing intervals) and, not least, uniform materials with a completely uniform airflow per m2 even after repeated washing.

    All materials are woven in Cradle to Cradle certified yarns, which is part of our circular business model. To ensure high colour fastness and minimum water consumption in the dyeing process, we only offer yarn-dyed materials that - compared to conventional piece dyeing - offer the benefit of approximately 65% less water consumption in the dyeing process. The textile industry worldwide is both famous and infamous for using even very large amounts of water resources for dyeing. At KE Fibertec, water consumption for dyeing is almost non-existent, and we can offer our entire colour range - including dark colours - with the same low environmental impact.

    In addition to GreenWeave and Multiweave, which are woven in 100% polyester (Cradle to Cradle approved) and available in up to seven different variants (air permeable), we can supply special products such as Nomex and anti-static Trevira CS.


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Design Advice

Designers are often keen to select their own TBV system, however, the selection process involves many factors, so we would prefer to assist you in your selection.

  • In order to determine what type of textile ducting solution is suitable for your application, we will need to know a few things;

  • Dimensions of the space

  • The intended use of the space - from this we will calculate suitable air velocities for the occupants based on required comfort levels

  • Permissible locations to run the textile ductwork

  • Supply air volume

  • Maximum and minimum supply temperatures and the desired room temperature

  • The required NR rating of the space

  • What type of surface we are able to mount to

TBV Designer, our inhouse design program needs all of this information to provide a quotation, we prefer not to quote per metre rates.

In order to dimension a textile based ventilation system, it is important to understand a number of essential parameters and concepts.

A textile based ventilation system is not that different from conventional ventilation systems, but there are a number of key points where it is important to be extra cautious, such as pressure conditions, pressure loss, pulsations, pressure impact, entrainment, air velocities and sound.

It is immediately obvious when a textile based ventilation system has been dimensioned incorrectly because the ducts will be oval and "saggy" when you look at them. The difference in the static pressure between two parallel ducts could be quite considerable too.

This not only has an impact on the look of the system, but also on the air distribution. If the pressure distribution is uneven it could cause draught problems below and around the duct with the highest static pressure, while in another area, the air quality will be poor where the static pressure (and therefore the volume of air) is insufficient.

Furthermore, there may be a risk of pulsations in the textile material that may damage not only the textile material but also the suspension material.

Finally, a correctly dimensioned TBV system is important so as to achieve the required sound levels from the system.

Dialogue & Quotations

KE Fibertec has developed a number of tools and services that our customers can choose to use throughout the entire project process. Our services are graded so that customers can decide themselves which ones they require. We believe that no two jobs are the same and no solution is standard. As a result, the documentation and level of detail needs to be adapted to the requirement and each individual project.

Our service can be split into two categories:

  • Quotation and design
  • Exteneded project documentation

Our quotation and design processes are described in detail in our ISO 9001 quality assurance system. This ensures that we prepare the basis for the quotation and the quotation itself according to the standardised guidelines, while making sure that the customer's requirements are specified and documented in sufficient detail.

KE Fibertec puts a large emphasis on ensuring that the final solution is designed correctly even at the initial quotation stage. After all, it is not only about ensuring that the textile based ventilation system works properly, but also, just as importantly, that the customer's requirements have been met.

This is why we ask about the system's functional requirements and the requirements for the indoor climate even at the quotation stage. We do not make a habit of selling textile ducting by the metre.

All our calculations are proven using our unique software WinVent 3D, this is offered to all our customers, regardless of the size of their project and, of course, it is free of charge.

Detailed mounting and maintenance instructions are included. For more complicated TBV systems we also include AutoCAD drawings.

As part of our extended project documentation we can offer full-scale measurements in our laboratory, on-site measurements and CFD simulations.