Learn more about textile ductwork

  • Can fabric ducting be used for extract?

    Fabric ducts need positive pressure inside them to inflate, therefore without additional support, they cannot be used for extract.

  • Can you give me a price per metre?

    Fabric ducts can vary in cost considerably, one type could cost twice as much as another per running metre. Therefore it is important that we fully understand the application before quoting.

  • Why do i need a soft start?

    Fabric ducts collapse when they have no air in them, therefore as the fan starts up, the cross section of the duct is very small. If the fan starts at full speed, the air could travel along the duct at 20m/s+, when that air hits the closed end of the fabric duct, there will be a loud pop, and the whole system will shake. That is not good for the longevity of the fabric duct or the mounting system.

  • Can I clean fabric ducts myself?

    Many institutions that have a need to wash other textile items clean their own textile ducts. A textile duct can be cleaned in a washing machine. Please note that the washing machine should only be half filled, so a 4KG section of textile duct could be washed in an 8Kg large domestic washing machine. Our washing machines are 50KG capacity, so we can wash 25Kg at a time, making it more cost-effective.

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