For the end user, the biggest problem with traditional ducting systems is the maintenance and cleaning which can be very inconvenient and expensive.

Tests have proven that insufficiently maintained ventilation systems is the major cause of poor quality indoor air, frequently contributing significantly to sick building syndrome.

In the food industry the difficulty in maintaining traditional ducting systems can lead to the provision of the ideal conditions for the rapid growth of micro-organisms which is a hazard to health.

With a KE Fibertec system, maintenance is not a problem since the textile ducts are easily removed and refitted without the use of any special tools. They can be washed and tumble dryed time and time again without the risk of shrinkage.

The problem of dirty and unhygienic ducts is now solved once and for all.

During operation the KE-Low Impulse System® and KE-Interior System® act as an additional and terminal filter before the air is supplied to the room environment. The degree of this filtration is equivalent to F5 to F6 standards.

We are now able to offer a full repair and maintenance service for our systems and socks manufactured by other suppliers. 

Based in Southampton, KE Fibertec UK Ltd offers a full maintenance service on permeable air socks across the UK, enabling customers a single point of contact to wash, repair, collect / return and re-install the socks.

Our washing service includes an anti bacterial treatment, and we guarantee not to allow any shrinkage of the socks.

We offer 3 levels of service:

  • BASIC - Customer removes socks and box up. KE UK arranges pick up, cleans and returns socks in boxes by courier (turnaround time 7 days, faster with prior notice)

  • FULL SERVICE - KE UK attend site to remove the socks by skilled fitters, return socks to our office in Southampton for cleaning, and re-installed by our fitters

  • FULL SERVICE + STORAGE - As above but we can store spare sets of socks in Southampton and advise / co-ordinate scheduled switch over of sets of socks. Highly recommended for food factories to ensure minimum down time, spares set can be put up at the same time as dirty sets removed

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