Action behind the words

For many years, KE Fibertec has been working on developing and optimising our take on future solutions for good indoor climate

Action behind the words

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A valuable tool

Climate requirements in the construction industry are becoming increasingly stringent, and today, building regulations require that new buildings must document the overall climate impact of the building with an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). With the LCA requirement, an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) becomes a valuable tool. Both as documentation and as a tool that helps you make sensible climate choices.

Project specific CO2 data

Our customers are guaranteed credible documentation as our EPDs are third-party verified. With our advanced 3D programme TBV Designer, we have now further developed the software to also include CO2 data, which is calculated in our documentation with calculations on everything from textiles, assembly parts and accessories to packaging. This means that our CO2 documentation is not based on a standard template, but on each specific TBV solution's climate impact and life cycle from production and use to disposal.

Anything but standard

Our EPD differs by providing insight into how all elements of our textile-based ventilation solutions impact the environment. We have made calculations for all components and show how much the 4 categories textile, assembly, accessories and packaging make up of the total climate impact. In this way, our EPD provides insight into every footprint when choosing textile based ventilation from KE Fibertec.

Insight into all footprints

  • Textile

    All our textile materials are woven at KE Fibertec's own weaving mill, where we have the latest technology, including high-tech air looms to produce our two textile types MultiWeave and GreenWeave.

  • Accessories

    When it comes to precision and increased transparency, the details play a significant role in the final result. This of course also applies to our EPD, where we include everything from zips, nozzles, clamps, end caps, SRD, screws, Velcro and sewing thread. So everything is included when calculating the climate impact.

  • Installation

    Textile based ventilation solutions from KE Fibertec are always customised to the individual application. This means that our mounting systems are designed so that suspension rails are delivered cut to size. This minimises waste and saves time on site because the aluminium rails are quick and easy to install in almost any ceiling. At the same time, the low weight of both tracks and textile ducts also offers ergonomic advantages compared to steel ducts.

  • Packaging

    Our new packaging concept that utilises the recyclable Hexacomb material. Hexacomb is core board, a 100% biodegradable material that, in addition to being much more environmentally friendly, offers benefits such as low weight, high durability and high flexibility with easy customisation to any product shape. As a result, we've been able to reduce our carbon footprint by a whopping 62% on the packaging front.


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