Environment and Energy

Respect for the environment is common sense - and good business.

At KE Fibertec we care about the environment and about energy.

We want to minimize our impact on the environment both in production and transportation of our products. Therefore, we have launched a number of in-house energy-saving initiatives to limit CO2 emissions.

To show we truly care about the environment is to be responsible and implement sustainable practices. On top of that, it is good business.

KE Fibertec is certified according to ISO 14001 (environment) and DS/OHSAS 18001 (working environment), and our products are approved according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

We have recently achieved a Cradle to Cradle certification of CradleVent documenting the sustainability of the product.

By choosing fabric ducts you will have a positive impact on the environment:

1. Because of the low weight of fabric ducts the fuel consumption
during transport (and subsequently CO2 emissions) will decrease
remarkably compared with transporation of traditional steel ducts.

2. A properly dimensioned fabric system is able to function optimally
at a lower pressure drop than conventional ceiling diffusers.

3. The air distribution with fabric ducts is better, and it is therefore
possbile to offer a solution that does not take in "unnecessary" air.
This results in energy efficiency - and a better indoor environment.


Environmental Mapping

To minimize resource requirements and monitor our initiatives, the
KE Fibertec group carries out an environmental mapping process
every third year. With this documentation we are able to determine
if our environmental objectives have been reached and define new
and ambitious objectives.

As shown below our emissions of CO2, SO2, and NOx have dropped
significantly since 2009 when we began our optimization work.












Waste water


Read about our work with CSR

Oeko-Tex standard 100
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ISO 14001
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ISO 18001
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Krone smiley KE Fibertec is one of few companies in Denmark to receive the Krone Smiley of the Danish Working Environment Service. The Krone Smiley is awarded to companies that work seriously to promote working environment.

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