Why fabric ducts?

Fabric ducts are very well-suited for efficient, uniform, and draft-free distribution of fresh air without "dead zones".

Why fabric ducts?

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Range of products

  • Impulse® System

    The Impulse System is produced using round ducts (Ø), while the Impulse D and ½D Systems are produced using half-round (D), or quarter round (½D) ducts.

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  • Inject & Inject XL System

    The Inject System is produced in the form of round (Ø), half-round (D), or quarter-round (½D) ducts and comprises groups of holes, small (Inject) or large (Inject XL) in the fabric duct surface.

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  • DireJet System

    The DireJet System is produced in the following configurations: round (Ø), half-round (D), or quarter round (½D) ducts and is made with rows of conical nozzles for active and directional delivery.

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