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An indoor growth facility despite if it is microfarm or a large scale vertical farm represent a huge investment for the grower or investor. To make a good return of investment all grow parameters must work together to create an optimum outcome. We do not build complete vertical farms; we deliver tailor made KE GreenDucts to distribute the air from a ventilator or air handler in all types of grow facilities. Furthermore we assist you with designing, calculating and documenting the air distribution inside the racks. We are aiming to become your microclimate expert.

Our target is to deliver conditioned air to create an uniform growing environment for the crops by unique materials and solutions - explore more at

Our grow mission

To sell an optimum air distribution solution for Indoor growth facilities and vertical farms is not just selling good quality KE GreenDuct products, delivered on-time. Our philosophy is to start with the requirements and - through dialogue - design a solution that meets the expectations specified for a good microclimate. Just as crops are different, microclimate requirements are different, too.

Our mission is to be your microclimate expert!

We meet any requirements in indoor grow facilities

The main difference from an indoor grow facility compared to outdoor conventual farming is the high influence on the main grow parameters such as water and weather variability and the use of pesticides and herbicides. The indoor grow facility is typically closed from seed to shipment, which makes it easier to secure a controlled and ideal grow environment and thereby a higher yield per kg seed. In the design process it is therefore important not only to look at the UV-light or irrigation system but also the airflow and how even the air is distributed and how to minimize the risk of mold grow.

How we grow

  • Room control climate

    The focus is to distribute the air evenly in the room with as little stratification as possible. Often the KE GreenDuct is placed in the aisles between the racks with orifices pointing downward. The primary air flow is downward/sideward, and the secondary air distribute through the shelves/canopies. Alternatively, the ducts can be place underneath the growing tables and work as an active displacement system. This solution is often used in growth chambers and germination rooms up to 6 m height.

  • Microclimate control

    A critical environment growth with active management of UV-light, temperature, humidity, CO2 and airflow. The main purpose is to create an ideal microclimate per shelf with a KE Greenduct placed beside the UV-light over the crops. The active management allow to speed up or slow down the growth process so it is important that the airflow can be adjusted. A KE GreenDuct can be designed for airflows between 25-100% of nominal airflow. The key factor is to secure uniform air and temperature distribution over the crops both in the width and in the length direction. The air velocity to prevent stagnant air and growth of mildew or mold in the crops must typical be between 0,2 – 0,5 m/s.

Vertical farming solutions

KE GreenDuct Breeze

The Breeze series of ducts offers versatile solutions to meet the needs of any indoor grow environment. Whether it be a rack system, container or specialized room functions the Breeze ducts can give consistent results. In the Breeze series you have the options to select multiple shapes and sizes that will be designed specifically for your application. 

KE GreenDuct Eco

Our Eco series have been specifically designed to offer the most sustainable solution in the indoor grow industry. The fabric used in these ducts is the only fabric-based air delivery system worldwide to be Cradle to Cradle certified and part of LEED. This unique fabric allows all the flexibility and custom design you need to produce a consistent product.

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Our history in food industry

KE Fibertec who owns KE GreenDuct has almost 50 years of experience as a world leading supplier within textile-based air distribution in the food industry. We have supplied several thousands of systems to all kind of food facilities, like equalizing rooms in slaughterhouses or cheese ripening facilities etc. The expected outcome is the same as in a growth facility. An optimized air distribution to secure the best conditions for the products (even air distribution and humidity in the facility to prevent manual handling to compensate for an uneven climate. Fastest possible production cycle with the highest archivable first class product quality. Of course, produced under the strongest hygiene standards).

KE GreenDuct is established with our microclimate and air distribution experts to build on this legacy.  The only difference is at KE GreenDuct, we focus on specializing in growth facilities and how the climate effect the growth of your crops and nothing else.

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