We take responsibility and document it - now also with BREEAM


The construction industry has a higher focus on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions and this trend continues. An increasing number of environmental requirements apply and are important for the individual construction project, as more builders and players of the industry demand greener materials and solutions.

KE Fibertec is now ready with even more documentation that shows how a textile based ventilation solution can contribute to a certification of a sustainable building. In collaboration with Ramboll, we have prepared a report documenting how our products can contribute to a certification according to BREEAM UK New Construction with the materials GreenWeave and MultiWeave.

BREEAM is a British internationally recognized certification system that has focused on sustainability since 1990 and is used for certification of sustainable buildings due to high sustainability requirements and with a focus on creating future-proof buildings. With a focus on environmentally friendly solutions, this certification can contribute to a reduction of the building's long-term operating costs in relation to water and energy, which in addition to savings can also contribute to a better climate and safety for the users of the building. However, sustainability in construction is not only limited to the materials and solutions applied, but to a large extent also to the use of the building, including the indoor climate. A good indoor climate is key to health, well-being and productivity, and with a certification you may achieve a better indoor climate than required by law and regulations, because many criteria must be met. Several studies document precisely that an improvement of the indoor climate can increase productivity - according to the World Green Building Council by up to 11%.

In addition to ensuring an efficient and uniform air distribution with textile ducts from KE Fibertec, you also do something good for the environment by choosing this solution. The low weight of textile material instead of steel makes it noticeably easier to transport and thus provides a lower CO2 emission at lower fuel consumption. At the same time, both materials, GreenWeave and MultiWeave, are certified according to the new Cradle to Cradle standard, version 3.1. Most recently with the expansion and certification of MultiWeave this spring, we can now offer 100% recyclable materials without chemical additives in several beautiful colours. With the certification according to the new standard, KE Fibertec scores gold in "material recycling", "use of renewable energy" and in "CSR (social fairness)" as well as bronze in "material health" and "wastewater management". Precisely the fact that we dye the chips themselves, which are spun into yarns, instead of dyeing the finished fabric, reduces our water consumption and wastewater by almost 70%.

The work with sustainability is not only about the continuous development of our products and certifications, but also to a large extent that we can document how we make a difference. In addition to offering a complete documentation package for BREEAM, we can also document how a textile based ventilation solution can contribute to a certification according to the DGNB standard version 2020. At the same time, we support the international certification scheme LEED v4 with points for "material ingredient".

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BREEAM® (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a standard for methods of the highest quality in building planning and sustainability. It is the oldest and most widely used system for the certification of green and sustainable buildings.