Status Covid 19 from KE Fibertec


As the number of Covid-19 (Corona virus) cases continues to grow and spread worldwide, one of our main focus areas at KE Fibertec is safety and how we take care of our employees and their safety.

As many other companies we follow the restrictions from the authorities and we have suspended some of our daily routines or changed how we work internally in order to make the work place as safe as possible for all our employees. We have suspended all external visits for the next couple of weeks, so we will not accept any visits from external companies without an extraordinary approval. But we are available and do our best to ensure that our customers and partners get a good service and delivery on time.

This situation is abnormal to all and we all have to adjust. We get a lot of questions each day from our partners and customers and we aim to inform you all continuously about the situation and how KE Fibertec is affected by this global crisis. We have listed some information below, but if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact either our headquarters in Denmark or your local KE Fibertec partner.

Is the production still up and running?
Many of our employees who can work from home by computer and Skype are not in the office during these next weeks. But our production capacity is almost 100% in our factories in both Denmark and the Czech Republic with the caution that we have a setup of extra safety and special working restrictions in order to protect our employees.

How is your delivery time and will orders be delivered on time?
At present, we are delivering on time as usual and the stated delivery times are all updated according to order confirmations. If we experience changes in the production level and some orders will be delayed, you will be contacted by us immediately.

We have daily contact with all our transportation suppliers, and they have informed us that they keep delivering for the time being. However, there are some restrictions and areas in Italy and Spain where we are not able to deliver due to the safety of their drivers. We are also facing some challenges with cargo to Asia due to closed commercial airline connections. Please ask your local KE Fibertec sales team regarding your specific market and if you have questions about delivery time.

How is your material supply chain running and what is the status of your stock of material?
We have a very good supply chain set up due to our weaving mill and we are mainly using European sub-suppliers so for now we are not short on any raw materials and have full capacity for a long time if you order in our standard product range. For our special items and colours we also have our stock in place, but we might have to expect some delays in time depending on how the global situation in the next couple of months.

How may the global situation affect your delivery time?
We see three major risks that may currently affect our delivery time:

1. New rules from the government that order all industries not producing food
    or medicine etc. to close down

2. A severe spread of Covid-19 virus among our production workers

3. The transport companies close down for deliveries across borders

For further information please contact KE Fibertec HQ at or at phone: +45 75 36 42 00. For contact details of your local KE Fibertec please visit our website