Significant improvement of the indoor climate



Due to lack of air exchange resulting in a poor indoor climate, the company PolyTech in Bramming, Denmark decided to invest in a new ventilation system. The choice fell on KE Fibertec's textile ducts, which were installed in some of the company's administration and production facilities. Semi-circular ducts were installed in the warehouse and in the production area, whereas round KE Low Impulse textile ducts were installed in the office environment.

Prior to the installation, PolyTech did not have a ventilation system for air exchange, so with the installation of textile ducts, the air distribution was significantly improved, creating a good indoor climate for the employees.

“We are very satisfied with the advice and service we have received in connection with the installation of our new ventilation solution. Today, we are experiencing a substantial improvement in the air distribution in our office and production areas,” says Esben Schmidt, HVAC Technician, PolyTech A/S.