New Cradle to Cradle approved colour


Back in 2021, we expanded our range of the energy-friendly material, GreenWeave, by offering only Cradle to Cradle approved colours. With this initiative, we reduced our water consumption and wastewater by more than 67% compared to conventional dyeing. An initiative that perfectly matches our goal of developing environmentally friendly ventilation solutions for the construction industry - our take on "Green Thinking".

Since 2012, we have achieved annual recertification of our CradleVent solution, and in 2022 we expanded our product range with another material approved according to the Cradle to Cradle standard. The durable MultiWeave material was approved in seven appealing woven colours, so today we can guarantee 100% recyclability without chemical additives in our two largest product lines.

Now we are adding another "green" colour to our Cradle to Cradle approved MultiWeave range - the colour green💚.

By choosing textile based ventilation from KE Fibertec, you not only do something good for the environment, but you also get a high degree of design freedom if you want the ventilation solution to fit the architecture of the building. Also, all our materials are woven and sewn at our factories in Denmark.

Read more about our materials and the many beautiful colours we can offer you for your next ventilation project.