NEW catalogue!


Our new catalogue with a focus on sustainability, design and solutions to how you can create a good indoor climate with efficient air distribution is ready now. A proper dimensioning ensures an efficient and draft-free air distribution. For the employees a healthy indoor environment with proper ventilation and acoustics is key for the personal well-being and level of concentration. A well-dimensioned ventilation system must therefore be silent.

Textile ducts have a positive impact on room attenuation as they act as sound baffles in the ceiling. One of the key parameters during the design phase is determining the comfort requirements. A thorough needs analysis provides the basis for the design and a great deal of money can be saved by finding out what the end client’s actual requirements are. Unfortunately, there are far too many examples where the quality of the solution delivered does not at all reflect the end user’s expectations.

Get inspiration and more knowledge on how to tailor your next ventilation project with Textile Based Ventilation - order the ventilation catalogue today here at and learn more about sustainable air distribution.