High requirements for efficient air distribution in indoor football hall


Optimal ventilation of sports halls is complex and can be a challenge, as high requirements are often made on the indoor climate, where sound conditions, air temperatures and air velocities require focus right from the design phase. Another important parameter is the operating economy, where it can be an economic challenge to keep the halls heated at special events outside of daily use and normal opening hours. So whether it is elite sports at an indoor football match, handball match or another event, there are very high demands for an optimal indoor climate.

Over the years, KE Fibertec has provided several textile based ventilation solutions for sports halls at home and abroad, e.g. ice rinks, football, handball, swimming pools and water parks.

In Norway in 2020 and in close collaboration with our customer Nordvest Miljø AS, we supplied textile ducts for a new indoor football hall in Haried. Here it was especially important that the solution could ensure optimal ventilation at the same time as heating the hall both during training and when matches are played in the hall. The textile ducts are made of the material ZeroWeave and of the KE DireJet system with a diameter of 800 mm and a length of 65 metres. At maximum air volume, 11,000 m3/h is delivered in each duct, so the solution gives a total air volume of 22,000 m3/h.

Advantages of textile ducts from KE Fibertec

  • Approved according to fire standards (EN-13501, B-s1, d0)
  • Cooling, ventilation and heating in one
  • Good air quality and even temperatures throughout the hall
  • Layout that allows for several operating strategies, so that all kinds of events in the hall are taken into account in terms of ventilation
  • Can be customised architecturally with many layouts and colour choices
  • Lower construction costs compared to conventional systems

Read more about the many good references we have provided to sports and multi-purpose halls over the years, and how we have solved the high demands and special challenges that exist when the requirements on the indoor climate vary and often require a flexible air distribution.

KE Fibertec has many years of experience in textile based ventilation and has a high level of knowledge about the materials with its own weaving mill. We can offer tailored ventilation solutions with an, even and efficient air distribution without draughts combined with good design. Contact us today to hear more, or visit www.ke-fibertec.com for more information.