Healthy indoor air instead of smoke and cooking odour


Design requirements for large-scale kitchens in restaurants, hotels, catering businesses, institutions, etc. are numerous. Right from the start it is important to think energy efficiently and choose equipment that has the least impact on environment, working environment, and indoor air quality.

Cooking for many people does not only generate smoke and odours that may contain harmful substances, but also large waste heat loads that must be emitted. The working environment act stipulates that apart from room air exhaustion, fresh make-up air must be brought into the kitchen. The emitted heat and range hood air must be replaced by fresh outside air to be heated and distributed draft-free and noiseless.

KE Fibertec has many years of experience in supplying textile ducts for large-scale kitchen applications, and delivery of the temperate make-up air, i.e. fresh outside air, is handled profitably by means of a KE-Low Impulse System from KE Fibertec.

Increase efficiency with textile based ventilation ducts

Textile ducts do not only supply fresh air, but also provide draft-free air distribution for the benefit of the employees who get a healthy indoor air quality and a good work environment. This will reflect on their well-being in the form of reduced sick leave and ultimately an increase in productivity.

There are many benefits from KE textile ducts:

  • No draft and no dead zones
  • Efficient and uniform distribution of fresh air
  • Silent air distribution - down to 25 dbA
  • Clean air as the systems filter out dust particles from the supply air
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Washable in a regular washing machine - no growth of bacteria
  • Sustainable materials
  • Available in numerous custom colours
  • Tailored ducts that match the design of the room

KE Fibertec has supplied textile based ventilation to many different comfort installations where the demand for draft-free, uniform and efficient air distribution has been combined with outstanding design.

For more information, please contact our Export Manager, Christian Pedersen at or +45 7536 4200.