Good indoor environment at Spray Park with textile ducting


A Spray Park is the latest initiative at the aquatic centre Slotssøbadet in Kolding, DK. The Spray Park is Denmark's first indoor aqua park for families with small children. Key words here are "play, motor skills, and safety". 

KE Fibertec has suppled textile ducts that distribute 10,000 m3/h of heated air, and with our low impulse solution (hybrid system with inject holes) we are able to keep the air velocity in the occupied zone at a low level, thus preventing the pool users from feeling cold. The even air distribution along the entire duct surface ensures an effective and draft-free ventilation of the room.   

Also incorporated into the textile duct design is the directing of air towards the ceiling and windows in order to avoid condensation problems.  

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Installation contractor: Airteam, Kolding
Consulting engineers: Gregersen & Olsson, Kolding