EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is an environmental product declaration that documents the life cycle environmental impact of a product.

All material manufacturers are experiencing increasing demands to present documentation of the environmental impacts of their products, and as the world's first supplier of textile based ventilation, KE Fibertec is now ready to offer an EPD for textile ducts.

In order to get an independent and objective evaluation we commissioned the company 2.-0 LCA consultants to be in charge of the analysis, and it was performed according to ISO 14044 and the directions herein. The report is based on a textile duct of 10 metres, Ø 500 mm diameter and with an air volume of 5,000 m3/h.

An EPD is a summary of an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), which is documented in a more  comprehensive report. The report is an in depth documentation of the life-cycle environmental impact of a textile duct, e.g. CO2 emission (global warming), depletion of the ozone layer, release of hazardous waste etc.

An LCA enables us to compare textile ducts with the environmental profiles of other products, and at the same time it will be a tool to prioritize our optimization strategy as to which negative environmental impacts you wish to minimize.

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