Textile ducts - a good alternative for ventilation of offices

Together with two graduates at the University of Aalborg, Denmark, KE Fibertec AS has      made tests of comfort, air quality, and air flow in offices ventilated by textile ducts. A      number of measurements were made of the KE-Interior System both as traditional low      impulse ventilation with passive thermal displacement and using the new hybrid KELaserInject      System for active thermal displacement.
The setup of a number of design criteria of the two systems involved the preparation of so called      design charts designated to compare other types of ventilation units. Tests of both      systems have shown that the permitted range of variation is considerably bigger for textile ducts than for traditional units for mixing and displacement ventilation.
Further the tests have shown that textile ducts create good air distribution and air      quality. CFD simulations of air flows and conditions of temperature and concentration have      also shown that a computer simulation is a well suited tool to predict room air conditions in       offices.

(Extract of article published in the Danish HVAC journal no. 4-2005).

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