Algida Unilever's head office received state-of-the-art Textile Duct

01.11.2006: Read more about KE Fibertec's latest product for comfort ventilation: Curved      textile duct that follows the shape of the building - now successfully installed in the new      head office of Algida Unilever in Istanbul.

KE Fibertec has just been given the third order for the new head quarters of Algida      Unilever in Istanbul. The new type of curved textile duct introduced by KE Fibertec has      received great attention, and both chief architect, Mr Güney Ǒncel and contractor of      Karsan Plaza, Mr Niyzai Mete, are very pleased with both appearance and operation of the      systems.      In an interview with the Danish HVAC trade journal, Mr Güney Ǒncel has stated, "This is      the first time that I am involved in this type of ventilation installations. Therefore, it was all      new to me and our subcontractors, however, it has proven to be a good choice - especially      with this type of building project with a very short building time: 5½ months to complete the      14,000 square metres distributed on four floors, and that is very fast - even according to      Turkish standards! In this case it was a huge advantage with textile ducts which are easy      to install. Simply mount the rails and pull through the ducts - and the work could be done
concurrently with other types of work in the rooms. Another big advantage was an      optimum utilization of the space. With textile duct there is no need for additional ceiling      height as is the case with ordinary steel ducting," Mr Güney Ǒncel concludes.      Read more about KE Fibertec's latest product for comfort ventilation in the KE case story    that can be downloaded here: Algida Unilever.

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