Underfloor Ventilation

Underfloor ventilation is a great solution where space is tight or it is desirable to keep the ceiling free from ductwork.

One of the main challenges is balancing these systems.

By using permeable textile ducting as underfloor ventilation duct, balancing is made much simpler. The textile ducting is easy to route within the floor void and so can be run throughout the space to ensure an even pressurisation.

A small amount of air bleeds through the surface of the duct along its length. As there is always air moving away from the ducts surface, no heat transfer can occur between the warm air in the void and the cold air in the duct.

This means that the air temperature being delivered to void at the start of the system is the same as at the end. This is in contrast to conventional uninsulated steel systems that suffer from thermal pickup, this normally contributes to the difficulty when balancing.

Underfloor ventilation is quick and easy to install

Installation of textile underfloor ventilation ducts is very quick compared to their steel counterpart. The ducts can even be installed once the floor is laid. The textile duct systems can be laid loose in the void and simply tensioned at either end or at directional changes.

Other mounting options include tethering the ducts to the floor pedestals every 600mm.

Textile underfloor ventilation ducts are very easy to clean, they can be easily removed by pulling them out from pre-defined pints, bagging up and then sent to a local laundry.

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