UFAD (underfloor air distribution systems)

KE Fibertec has developed  a unique air distribution system for UFAD systems, that supplies air evenly in the underfloor void, avoiding thermal decay of the fresh supply air that needs to be delivered to the perimeter areas. The fabric UFAD system is easy to install after the suspended floor has gone down.

Working principle of UFAD

UFAD systems uses the space beneath raised floors as a plenum to distribute air through diffusers into the occupied space. usually passive or active swirls are used for diffusers.

UFAD systems are characterized by their ability to allow individuals to have a degree of control of the environment around them. UFAD systems benefit from a floor to ceiling airflow pattern that takes advantage of the natural buoyancy from heat sources in the occupied space.

It can be compared with a displacement ventilation systems where a temperature stratification occurs in the ventilated room.

This can be used beneficially to reduce the cooling load as the cooling load removed from the room is directly proportional to the difference in temperature between the supply air and extracted air.

This results in energy savings when the cooling coil in the air conditioning unit is operating. it also means that free cooling can be used for longer periods of the year. as a result of the high temperature efficiency UFAD systems often qualify for leed credits

Potential UFAD benefits:

  • Improved thermal comfort for empl oyees (individual control)
  • Improved ventilation efficiency and indoor air quality
  • Improved occupant satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduced energy and life cycle building costs
  • Reduced floor-to-floor height in new constructions
  • Improved flexibility for building services