Textile Based ventilation

Textile based ventilation was predominantly used on industrial and food  processing applications the product has evolved over the last 10 years  and can now provide an innovative draught free solution to a wide and  varied range of applications such as Swimming Pools, Sports Halls,  Laboratories, and Theatres.

Textile Based Ventilation provides a hygienic draught free low noise  solution the system can be adapted and designed to provide an  architecturally pleasing alternative to conventional air distribution  systems and should be seriously considered.

Textile ducts are highly cost effective as they are supported off   specially designed light weight suspension tracks.

Installation of the system   could not be simpler resulting in cost saving on labour and installation materials.

KE Fibertec UK Ltd offer a full design and selection service for our range of textile based ventilation systems.

Please read the CIBSE Textile based ventilation CPD