Fabric Duct fitted in Denmark's largest ice hockey rink

AaB Ishockey, a Danish top league ice hockey team, has recently been given an impressing new home rink at the Gigantium Ice Arena, a part of Aalborg's large sports and cultural centre.

5,000 spectators showed up when Denmark's largest and most prestigious ice hockey rink was opened on February 25th, 2007. In a cooperation with Ib Andersen Ventilation, Aalborg, KE Fibertec AS fabric duct has supplied the air distribution system for the new home rink of AaB Ishockey.

A KE-DireJet® Fabric Duct system was chosen which is made of a slightly permeable textile material that combines the low impulse principle with directional delivery of air through nozzles. The large ice hockey stadium holds both a show rink and a practising rink. The arena itself comprises a show rink of 4,500 m2 with a spectator capacity of 5,000 - 3,200 seats and 1,800 standing.

The practising rink is 2,200 m2, and also here a KE-DireJet® Fabric Duct system was chosen for the air distribution. The practising rink is expected to be opened mid 2007.

The air distribution system of the ice rink is made up of two separate fabric duct systems - a primary system for use during ice hockey matches and a secondary system for basic ventilation. The primary system was designed as a ring around the edges of the rink and serves the spectator section around the edges as well as the upper spectator section on the balcony.  

The quantity of air of this system is 45,000 m3/h. The secondary fabric duct system distributes 15000m3/h and is also designed as a ring system placed below the balcony and serving the lower spectator section. The total capacity of the air distribution system thus equals 60,000m3/h.     

The ice arena is unprecedented in Denmark and cost approx. 92 mio. DKK.