What is an air sock?

Q:Ok help me out here. It sounds very simple, but what on earth is it?

A:An air sock is one of those things you see on poles at the airport that tell you wind direction I guess...........

.................Actually An Air sock system can be used for draught-free air distribution and delivery of conditioned air instead of traditional spiral or rectangular steel   ducts with grilles and diffusers.

An air sock system can be suspended on virtually any type of ceiling as the fabric only weighs approx. 300 g/m2.

The system is very flexible and can be tailored to all possible  dimensions, shapes and lengths for almost all types of rooms. All  products are carefully tested, easy to install, and easy to take down  for washing or cleaning without using special tools. The Air Sock can be easily washed, by turning the  Air-Sock inside/out to remove excess dirt and dust, then place it in your washing machine on low temperature 30O C (cold wash)

KE Fibertec UK Ltd can offer a full design and selection service for our range of air sock systems