Food industry

The food industry and textile mills for weaving of yarns are the original applications for textile ducting. The ducts are virtually a first port of call for all consultants, contractors and end users as the right solution.


Food industry


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Typical benefits in these installations;

  • Very low air velocities - no chill factor to operatives ( or breaking of yarns )
  • Free of condensation - no insulation required
  • Hygienic solution, wherby ducts can be removed for washing. Please see our maintenance section for details
  • Non corrosive - synthetic flame retardant and self extinguishing polyesyer
  • Transforms bland white food prep rooms with colour
  • Colour coding to High care - maybe Red and Low care - maybe Blue
  • Easy connections by zippers
  • Cost saving on ducting and installation
  • Compact storage for spare ducts

System and section choices available;

  • KE-Low Impulse®, KE-Interior®, KE-Inject® and KE-Direjet®
  • 5 standard colours and 1600 special colours
  • Aluminium rail or stainless steel wire suspension
  • 5 mm holes (Inject) LaserCut holes to provide mixing at high level before cold air enters occupied zone - even lower air velocities in occupied zone




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