Why fabric ducts?

In layman's terms, a fabric duct is a round, semi-round or quarter round duct made of a light-weight textile material. It is used instead of galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium ducting with grilles or diffusers. It is designed for delivery and distribution of cooled or heated air.

The terms fabric and textile are often interchangeable in the industry, but KE Fibertec supply permeable textiles, and non-permeable fabrics.

  • KE Fibertec guarantees to match any competitors' price for an equal product offering

  • KE Fibertec products come folded in cardboard boxes measuring 600 x 600 x 300mm
  • The suspension rails come packed in 2500 x 100 x 100mm boxes

  • The small dimensions of the packing boxes mean they are easy to store on site and can fit into all but the smallest of vans

  • The textile ducts are wrapped in polythene bags inside the cardboard boxes to avoid soiling

  • The boxes are easy to identify with KE Fibertec labels attached

  • KE Fibertec use UPS to deliver most systems. This allows us and the customer to track the location of the delivery and is easy to obtain proof of delivery

  • The ducts are very light, the heaviest single duct section will weigh 10kg, and most ducts weigh less than 1kg / metre, so no lifting equipment is required to install

  • The KE Fibertec polyester materials are designed to hold very little water; this means that there is nothing for microorganisms to grow on

  • Where very high humidityis present ( over 85% ) we can add an active silver antimicrobial treatment to our materials. We prefer not to add this to our ducts if it is not completly necessary, so it is not a standard coating

  • Textile ducting is easy to clean regularly, without the employment of a specialist contractor

  • The ducts can be laundered in a washing machine. KE Fibertec offers a full washing and repair service

  • Fabric ducting systems can be used in buildings where there would not be sufficient strength to support steel ductwork, this is because fabric ducting and its suspension typically weighs approximately 1-2kg / metre. These could be temporary structures like marquees, or older buildings where ducts need to be retro-fitted, but little additional load bearing capability is available

  • The ducts do not require heavy lifting equipment to install

  • Each box of ducting is well below the safe handling limit of a single person

  • Our D-Lite-Alu suspension system is designed to mount directly to a suspended ceiling with no additional supports required

  • Installing Fabric ducts is much safer due to the low weight

Our clients report to us that their suggestion of using textile ducts on projects has helped them secure projects, clients like the novelty of the product, and like that it does not come at extra cost.

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