KE-Low Impulse® textile duct

The KE - Low Impulse textile duct is an ideal solution for the delivery and distribution of cooled air, particularly suitable for hygiene, comfort and temperature control. KE Fibertec's textile based low impulse systems are woven from Trevira CS polyester yarn, and the textile surface acts as a fine mesh, allowing the supply of air to pass through the surface at a very low uniform discharge velocity which is normally less than 0.1 m/s.

The KE - Low Impulse textile duct is produced using round ducts ( Ø ) The KE - Interior textile duct is available either as half-round or quarter-round fabric ducts in a design adjustable to all types of rooms.




Because of the density differential, with the cooled air being heavier than the warmer air in the room, the room air is displaced below the duct while the supply air continues moving towards the floor. The warm air is driven up to high level where it will not cause discomfort.



The air movement in the room moves naturally, the air is driven by the difference in density, and the convection streams from heat-releasing activities and processes, hence the term "passive thermal displacement" is used.

High levels of heat gain from heat sources generate stronger convection currents, this results in the air rising faster and causes more entrainment of the air around the source. The result is stratification in the ventilated room, heat and pollution are drawn away from the occupied zone and extracted at ceiling level.

Low impulse textile duct systems are only suitable for cooling purposes or for distributing large volumes of isothermal air, as warm air will settle under the ceiling like a blanket. When this happens, a short circuit is created, and the room is not heated effectively.

Typical applications, Laboratories, Kitchens, Food Industry

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