KE-DireJet® Nozzle Hybrid textile ductwork

The KE-DireJet® Hybrid textile ductwork is available in the form of round (Ø), half-round (D) or quarter-round (½D) ducts and is made of a permeable textile material with rows of conical nozzles for 100% active and directional delivery.

From a ventilation technology perspective, the  KE-DireJet Hybrid System can be regarded as a combination of active high impulse ventilation and passive low impulse ventilation.

The Hybrid textile ductwork combines the best properties of a low impulse and an direjet nozzle system.

Simply put, KE-DireJet Hybrid textile ductwork comprises low impulse ducts which are made active by using conical nozzles.



As a result, the low impulse principle is combined with the high impulse principle, whereby part of the air volume in the system is distributed away from the near zone under the duct.



Manufacturing hybrid high impulse textile ductwork opens up a new world of flexibility, but it is also of paramount importance that you are aware of the requirement specifications for the ventilation system.

Just a few rows of nozzles can change the flow from a passive low impulse system to an active mixing system. But the major benefits of this new technology are that you can, in theory, actually dimension one and the same system to be passive in some zones and more or less active in others.

Adding nozzles to permeable textile ductwork will allow us to provide heating as well as ventilation and cooling while retaining the acoustic benefits of a textile system.

Typical Application, Sports Hall, Fitness Suite, Theatre


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All materials are fire approved according to EN 13501-1
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