KE-DireJet® Nozzle Fabric duct

The KE - DireJet Fabric Duct is made of a coated material with rows of conical nozzles for 100% active directional delivery. The conical nozzles limit the induction of room air around the individual air jet, whereby the velocity in the jet decreases relatively slowly compared to the KE-DireJet System. As a result of this, both the throw length and thermal penetration length are extended considerably for KE-DireJet Fabric Duct.

KE Fibertec is the only distributor of textile ducts to offer five different nozzle sizes: Ø12, Ø18, Ø24, Ø48 and Ø60 mm.


Flexibility in the choice of nozzle sizes offers significant benefits as the KE-DireJet System can be used in virtually every type of building  that requires mixing ventilation, even in extremely large premises, such as large sports stadiums or high-bay warehouses .



Conical nozzles are pressed into holes in a coated polyester fabric. They are secured using a locking ring. The maximum number of nozzles per row per metre of duct is 14 for the Ø12, Ø18 and Ø24 mm nozzles. If this is not sufficient, it is recommended using two or more rows of nozzles, the whole circumference of the duct can be utilised for nozzle placement.

In the case of the Ø48 mm and Ø60 mm nozzles, it is recommended to use a maximum of six nozzles per metre. As the number of nozzles per metre is increased, the individual jets will have an impact on each other and they will change character from circular jets to 2-dimensional jets. The pace of velocity decrease will also slow down as the induction of room air is limited the closer the nozzles are placed together, this could affect our lab verified velocity calculations

Typical applications for Direjet fabric duct, Warehouses, Supermarkets, Sports Areas, Swimming Pools

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