Healthy Indoor Climate and Energy Savings with InTex®

Notification of cleaning demand Save energy and money Maintain healthy indoor climate and high air quality


Energy-efficient ventilation

Be notified when your textile duct
needs to be washed. That is the idea
behind InTex® - a device which
monitors the air pressure of your
textile based ventilation system.

A clean textile duct provides
healthy indoor climate and energy
savings that will benefit not only
the environment but also the
operating economy of the plant.

The struggle against poor indoor

Dirty and therefore inefficient
ventilation ducts is one of the
biggest threats to healthy indoor
climate at a work site.

With InTex® the contractor is
automatically notified when the
ducts need washing thus keeping
a healthy indoor climate.


How it works

Sensor og master

The sensor is installed at the end section of the textile duct and will constantly communicate with the master device located elsewhere in the building. When the static pressure reaches a specific level, it will automatically generate an e-mail and you will be able to log onto the InTex® webpage. 

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FLSmidth chose InTex

The contracting firm Caverion have
chosen this solution for FLSmidth
R&D Center Dania.

Project manager Bjarne Vig,
Caverion says

"InTex® has added extra value to
our service concept which makes
it easier for us to plan the washing
and maintenance intervals of our
customers' ventilation systems.

We do not wash unnecessarily and
not too late. By doing so the customer
can maintain a healthy indoor climate
and at the same time save considerable
energy as a clean duct will consume
less power."

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reference in the brochure






Extended product warranty
We offer a 15 year warranty
provided that a KE partner handles
washing and maintenance of the
TBV system.

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