Textile ducts solve challenges with poor ventilation and indoor climate


At Lalandia in Denmark, they experienced challenges with the waterpark's ventilation system being undersized and the system not being able to dehumidify the ventilated air. This meant that the supply air in changing rooms was very humid and the rooms in general were very poorly ventilated which led to stale air and a humid and hot indoor climate, where also the floors were difficult to keep dry and clean.

When Lalandia in close collaboration with Elite Energy Saving received advice and solutions of how to solve the challenge of poor ventilation, the choice fell on textile ducts from KE Fibertec. In all of the Lalandia’s changing rooms as well as in corridors at family rooms, halfround textile ducts have been installed that fit into the design of the rooms and are integrated into the ceiling construction.

Today, Lalandia is experiencing a much improved air distribution in all changing rooms with a significantly better and fresher air. The problem of wet floor areas has been solved and in general it is now far more comfortable to stay in the changing facilities.

"We are very satisfied with the solution from KE Fibertec that meets our requirements and expectations regarding the challenges we experienced with poor ventilation in the waterpark's changing rooms", says Bjarne Høy, technical manager, Lalandia.

"It can be a challenge to find a solution that works with both moderate cooling and heating without drafts. With textile ducts from KE Fibertec, you can achieve a flow pattern that provides an optimal ventilated air distribution and at the same time a solution that is easy to integrate into existing ventilation solutions", says René Agerholm, Elite Energy Saving.

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