High-performance ventilation system in happy colours


This newly constructed building (Yorkshire Event Centre) attracted a lot of local interest providing a long overdue facility to the region and competition was fierce by the respective architects and contractors to provide a unique and characterful venue, embracing the latest building concepts whilst being fully functional and aesthetically vivid in appearance.

Being a large open space, often with a high occupancy level, a robust and powerful ventilation system was required that would not only deliver the required mechanical performance, but also become a feature of the interior design. The customer insisted on a selection of bright colours to supplement the modern contemporary design of the whole project.

Long throw with nozzles

A KE Fibertec nozzle system was selected and produced in the colours specified by the customer, and the runs of textile ducting were installed through the holes of the steel roof supports. The nozzle system allowed the ducting to be mounted high in the roof structure while still easily throwing the air 15m through the nozzles with minimum draught.

The customer was delighted with the end result, as were the contractors who have subsequently been approached by other customers for similar systems.