Energy efficient air distribution in swimming pool areas with textile ducting


KE Fibertec's textile ducts prevent corrosion in ducts and fittings, condensation on ceilings and windows as well as problems of stagnant "chlorine air".

With years of experience our engineers are able to dimension an air distribution system that not only fits the design of the pool hall but also provides energy efficient distribution of air.

Why choose textile ducts in a swimming pool area?

  • Attractive prices compared with steel ducting
  • Energy efficiency and healthy indoor climate (read the case below)
  • Efficient and uniform distribution of fresh air
  • No draught and no dead zones
  • Free of condensation on windows and other cold surfaces - no insulation required
  • Constant temperature and relative humidity
  • Low vertical temperature gradient
  • Lightweight textile ducts that may be fitted to any type of ceiling
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Uniform temperature and distribution of moisture reduce energy demand for dehumidifiers
  • Silent systems
  • Low velocities across the water surface reduce chlorine evaporation

Read the case from Zwembad De Viergang te Pijnacker, Holland where steel ducts were replaced by textile ducts in connection with a major renovation of the swimming pool area. The result was significantly improved indoor climate and energy efficiency.

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