KE Fibertec involved in using fabric ducts for aircraft ventilation

For  a number of years KE Fibertec has been working together with one of  Denmark's leading universities on air technology, University of  Aalborg, on the development of fabric ducts as personal air distribution systems to  lessen the spread of diseases in aircraft cabins and in hospitals. The  personal air distribution systems include pillows, blankets, airplane  seats and head rests with delivery of air directly into the person's  inhalation zone. Using fabric ducts has made it possible to isolate virus  from persons and to avoid the spread of disease.

The project is  still going on, and the results are remarkably good. All results have  been collected in a number of research projects, research papers and  articles.

Professor Peter V. Nielsen of University of  Aalborg who is primary responsible for this research project was  interviewed by Danish television, DR Update, on May 6, 2009 - watch the  entire interview on this link:

The news article by Cecillie Elmose Warnich was published on May 6, 2009.

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Clean air for airline passengers
Scientists  at the University of Aalborg have come up with an idea to prevent  symptom-free passengers from being infected by contagious fellow  passengers.
The  idea is a ventilation system that is built into the airplane seat  itself enabling all passengers to have their own personal clean air  zone.
It is all about minimizing the infection risk when highly  contagious airborne diseases such as Influenza A, SARS or smallpox  break out worldwide.
Tested on dummies
-  With this system that supplies the air around each person, each person  sits in his own fresh air zone and is not being affected by the  passengers next to him, says Professor Peter V. Nielsen.

The system is called Personal Ventilation and is  being tested on dummies at the University of Aalborg. Also scientists  in Hong Kong are very interested in the Danish invention.
Tailored for Influenza A
Peter V. Nielsen hopes that the breakout of Influenza A may boost research:
-  This system is tailored for diseases such as Influenza A, and that  tells me that we are focusing on the right thing and that it holds  potential.
Peter V. Nielsen is of the opinion that personal  ventilation in a long-term perspective will apply also to other areas  such as hospitals where the ventilation system can be built into  pillows.

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