New super arena in Sweden is ventilated by new Direjet Vario Fabric Ducting

October 2009

In May 2009, Sweden's largest multi-purpose arena,  Göransson Arena, in Sandviken 200 km north of Stockholm opened. KE  Fibertec supplied the air distribution system. The choice fell on the  new, flexible Vario nozzle.

In cooperation with Kyl och Ventilation Svante Lundbäck and Grontmij,  KE Fibertec AS has supplied the fabric ducting for Sweden's  new multiple-purpose arena, Göransson Arena. With 13,000 m2 area under  roof, Göransson Arena is unique as to size, design and application  possibilitites. The arena cost more than 210 mill. DKK to build and has  a capacity of approx. 4,000 spectators during sports matches and a  capacity of approx. 10,000 people during other venues.

Apart  from bandy that is played on an indoor ice rink of 67 x 111 m the arena  is used for a number of different venues such as exhibitions, concerts  and indoor rally. For example the next Swedish Eurovision Song Contest  is to be helt here, as is the bandy world cup and the Swedish indoor  rally championship.

To ensure an optimum air distribution during the many different  operational conditions, the contractor chose a combined KE-DireJet®  fabric ducting system with 24 mm nozzles and the new adjustable Vario nozzles. The new  KE-DireJet Vario fabric ducting  with multi-adjustable nozzles is an innovation  in textile based ventilation. With the Vario nozzle it is possible to  adjust the inlet air direction by 30° in any direction in relation to  the standard position. At the same time the nozzle applies for throw  lengths of 20-30 metres.

KE Fibertec has supplied totally 697 metres of fabric ducting iin the  dimensions Ø900, Ø800 and Ø500 mm for Göransson Arena with a total  weight of approx. 1,700 kg inclusive of  suspension rails and fabric  ducting. With a maximum ridge height of 28.5 m the planning of the  installation played a major role in the choice of air distribution  system. KE Fibertec supplied all rails in lengths of 2.5 m and the fabric ducts were packad in cartons labelled with tracking number  according to drawings. The nozzles were preinstalled and  factory-adjusted at the right angle. All in all this meant a much  easier and quicker installation compared with a conventional spiroduct  system that would weigh approx. 13,700 kg or almost 8 times more than  the fabric ducting.

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