We are open all summer


The summer is here, and we can soon look forward to a well-deserved holiday either at home or at other exciting travel destinations around the world. KE Fibertec’s staff, like many other companies, is also taking their holiday, however, once again we are open at our factories all summer and are therefore able to offer our normal delivery times with "on-time" delivery to all our customers. We also keep our express line open in Denmark to be able to offer short delivery time on small urgent orders. During these weeks, our weaving mill is running 24/7 in order to stock up on woven materials, so we can be ready to service our customers and at the same time be well prepared to keep production running throughout the summer.

With our new Cradle to Cradle approved material line, we can now supply 7 different colours in both GreenWeave (our superior-quality material for primarily comfort ventilation) and in MultiWeave. The advantage is that these materials are delivered yarn-dyed directly from our own weaving mill, and thus we will not experience problems with subcontractors who close down during the summer holiday period. In addition, the materials are naturally far more sustainable than conventionally dyed fabrics.

Otherwise, we can look back on a busy spring with many new, exciting projects, most recently with the expansion of our Cradle to Cradle approved material line, preparation of documentation material in collaboration with Ramboll for a certification according to the BREEAM UK standard, new exciting collaboration agreements on recycling of our waste materials, new air visualisation options in our unique TBV Designer software and of course a lot of great installations around the world.

During the summer season many companies and institutions put some or many of their activities on hold and run with low staffing. At KE Fibertec, we would like to advocate for the fact that this is the perfect time of year to optimise or renovate the company's or institution's ventilation system. Whether it is systems installed in the office, classrooms or other common rooms, it is important that the system is maintained, as accumulated dust over time can block the air passage and thus the efficiency of how the duct distributes the air in the room. With our own laundry and service team, we can offer complete washing concepts and repairs of all our customers' textile based ventilation systems, and we also keep the laundry open all summer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maintain your TBV system during your summer holiday period.

We look forward to serving our customers with both small and large ventilation projects. Contact us today if you need to install a new system, renovate an existing installation, or if your textile duct system requires washing and maintenance.

KE Fibertec wishes everyone a great summer!