Textile Based Ventilation for better acoustics


A recent Swedish field study has proven that noise at the workplace will negatively affect the health of employees. A good indoor environment with proper acoustics is key for the well-being and concentration of the employees and reduces their stress level.

Sound-absorbent solutions for ceilings and walls may reduce reverberation and minimize noise in office facilities etc. Noise is undesirable sound that causes damage or is troublesome. A well dimensioned ventilation system must therefore be quiet. As a result of their soft surface, textile ducts have a positive impact on room attenuation as they act as sound baffles in the ceiling, absorbing and breaking up part of the noise reflected in the ventilated room.

Excellent acoustic properties

These properties helped KE Fibertec secure the order for Walkden High School in Manchester, UK. Their new building was constructed as part of BSF, Building Schools for the Future, and KE Fibertec supplied textile ducts for the delivery of large amounts of fresh air into all classrooms without noise or draft problems. In this way textile ducts helped provide a good and healthy indoor environment for both students and staff.

To ensure that the class rooms would not receive any unnecessary noise from the ventilation ducts the consulting engineers requested a noise test in order to establish how much noise is absorbed by textile ducts.

The test was performed by the University of Southampton for the purpose of establishing the room attenuation effect through textile ducts. The result of the test contributed to specifying textile ducts for Walkden High School and for another five schools.

Read more about the solution for Walkden High School.

A textile duct from KE Fibertec is both a sustainable and energy efficient alternative to ducts made of steel.

There are many benefits:

  • Silent air distribution - down to 25 dbA
  • Lightweight material - low transportation costs
  • No draught and no dead zones
  • Efficient and uniform distribution of fresh air
  • Clean air as the systems filter out dust particles from the supply air
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Washable in a regular washing machine - no growth of bacteria
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Available in numerous custom colours
  • Tailored ducts that match the design of the room

KE Fibertec has supplied textile based ventilation to many different comfort installations where the demand for draft-free, uniform and efficient air distribution has been combined with outstanding design.

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Source: HVAC Fokus 29/05-17