Summer is here and and the holiday season is just around the corner. Before long, many of us will be on a well-deserved summer holiday. This summer we are in a slightly different place regarding Covid-19 than last summer, as many Danes have now been vaccinated, and many borders are reopening for travel.

This year, all our factories are open throughout the summer, so we can offer the same good on-time delivery service to our customers. Our express line is also kept open in Denmark, so that all small and urgent orders can be delivered within five working days.

Many companies and institutions are more or less shutting down or running with low staffing level during the summer. This also means that now is the time to focus on optimising or renovating the many ventilation systems installed around the country in offices, classrooms and other common areas where staff or students assemble. Collected dust inside or outside of a ventilation duct will eventually block the air passage and affect how efficiently the duct distributes the air.

Therefore, all ventilation ducts of textile or steel must be cleaned regularly to maintain functionality. A textile duct should be washed at regular intervals to maintain its optimum performance while still being energy efficient. So if the time comes to maintain your textile based ventilation system, we can offer clean ventilation with a wide range of customised washing concepts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with washing and maintenance.

We would like to wish you all a wonderful summer, and we look forward to serving our customers with ventilation projects - big or small. Send us an inquiry for your next ventilation project, or if you need to renovate and optimise an existing installation.

KE Fibertec has many years of experience in the development and delivery of textile based ventilation. One of the many advantages of KE Fibertec's textile ducts is their good ability to distribute the supplied air evenly and efficiently without drafts. At the same time, no transport ducts are necessary for the ventilation system, as the textile duct functions as both a ventilation unit and a transport duct. In relation to renovation, the space for ventilation ducts in existing buildings can be a challenge. Here, the solution with textile ducts is particularly suitable because they can be tailored to the individual room and dimensioned in colour, shape and size so that they fit into the room and the building's architecture.