Proven clean textile ducts


It is well known that poor air quality affects our overall health and ability to concentrate - whether it is in the workplace, in the country's schools and educational establishments or elsewhere where many people are staying.

Poorly maintained ventilation systems, dirty filters and ducts are a big part of the problem when the indoor climate is perceived as bad, and in addition it increases energy consumption unnecessarily. A healthy and good working environment and indoor climate begins with a well-functioning ventilation system, and this is especially important in the time we live in now with a global pandemic. Fresh air lowers the risk of infection if the air distribution works.

At KE Fibertec, we are very aware that the good indoor climate is not just about installing a good ventilation system, but just as much about what happens when the contractor has left the construction site. Maintenance is important, and this also applies when you have installed textile ducts - regardless of make. It has been a neglected area, and therefore in 2019 KE Fibertec in Denmark chose to establish an own in-house laundry located in the same building as our weaving mill with washing concepts that are 100% adapted to our customers' industries. Even with very discoloured and dirty textile ducts, a duct after a washing treatment can look almost like new while at the same time extending the life of the textile duct significantly.

Please, contact us at to learn more about our washing and maintenance concepts both in Denmark and with several of our partners and distributors abroad.