New antibacterial treatment in maintenance of textile ducts


KE Fibertec has specialized in manufacturing materials that have the highest Dust Holding Capacity* on the market and thus the longest washing intervals. For performance and hygiene reasons all textile ducts at one point need to be maintained and it is therefore important that they can easily be taken down and washed in a specialized laundry facility either by KE Fibertec Vaskeri in Denmark or by one of our selected KE partners worldwide.

In the food industry a high level of hygiene is of great importance. Textile ducts are very suitable due to their low risk of condensation on the surface. Also, the properties of the non-organic polyester material does not allow any growth of microorganisms at relative humidities below 85% RH. In such environments antibacterial treatment is not recommended as it will have no effect on the hygiene level when using KE Fibertec's textile ducts.

In more humid environments (>90 % RH), for example slaughter-houses, dairies, cold stores, vertical farming facilities and bread factories problems with high humidity may occur which can cause problems with growth of microorganisms and fungi. For the food industry where no risk is taken and where microbial contamination might lead to extensive quality loss, KE Fibertec offers a new feature to eliminate microbial contamination of the textile ducts. Instead of applying a traditional treatment with environmentally hazardous silver ions, KE Fibertec has developed an Antibac-E washing procedure that includes a treatment of the entire system before shipping.

This environmentally-friendly solution is approved in accordance with EN ISO 20645:2004 – Determination of antibacterial activity and EN ISO 20743:2013 – Determination of anti-bacterial activity of textile products. The textile duct systems are protected for 3 washing cycles before a new Antibac-E treatment should be made. The environmentally-friendly Antibac-E does not contain any silver ions or any other restrictions to the wastewater treatment during the process.

Benefits of the Antibac-E treatment

  • Antibac washing of the complete system before shipping (total hygienic treatment)
  • No silver ions or other hazardous chemicals used in the process
  • Prevents microbial growth on the textile ducts tested according to EN ISO 20645:2004 and EN ISO 20743:2013 for 3 washing cycles
  • A new Antibac-E treatment may subsequently be applied by an appointed KE laundry partner

Read more about our washing concept here or please contact us for further information at or phone +45 75 36 42 00.

*Dust Holding Capacity measured according to EN779:2012