Have a great summer


It's summertime and time for family and friends. Before long, many people will be going on a well-deserved summer holiday, and this may be an opportunity to slow down a bit. At KE Fibertec, we also go on holiday, but not all at the same time. We keep our factories open throughout the summer, so we offer our normal on-time delivery to all our customers, subject to slightly longer delivery times during certain periods.

The expansion within our yarn-dyed materials means that we receive finished textile materials in various colours directly from our own weaving mill, so we will not experience problems with deliveries from our subcontractors who shut down during the holiday period. The materials are Cradle to Cradle approved and thus far more sustainable than the more conventional dyed textiles and steel.

In recent years, KE Fibertec has significantly reduced lead times, and today we process 78% of all online orders for production within one hour from receipt to approval in our sales department. This means shorter delivery times, especially for smaller orders that do not require drawing approval by the customer. The shorter and more efficient lead time currently means that during the holiday period we have fewer bottlenecks in our production planning and can therefore guarantee better and shorter delivery of small orders for textile based ventilation solutions.

We would like to thank all our customers for a great co-operation during the first half of 2023 and look forward to serving our customers during the summer and the rest of the year with both large and small ventilation projects. Enjoy time with your family, eat lots of ice cream, swim in the sea and recharge your batteries before we get back into full swing after the holidays.

We wish everyone a great summer!