Efficient and uniform distribution of large quantities of air in laboratories


KE Fibertec's textile duct solutions are often chosen for use in laboratories due to their inherent ability to handle large quantities of air with minimal air velocity and noise in the room.

This is important since high air velocities and noise compromise the function of the room and the equipment in it.

The systems are especially well-suited for laboratories with fume hoods or for rooms with varying demands (VAV systems).

KE Fibertec has long-term experience in supplying textile ducts for clean room applications.

Why choose textile ducts for laboratories?

  • Efficient and uniform distribution of large quantities of air
  • No draft and no dead zones
  • Silent air distribution - down to 25 dbA
  • Easy maintenance - no growth of microorganisms
  • Lightweight textile ducts that can be fitted to any type of ceiling
  • The large surface of the textile duct ensures low air velocities throughout the room
  • Low maintenance costs

Intertek, Holland

Astra Zeneca, UK

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If you have any questions related to textile based ventilation in laboratories, please contact Christian Pedersen on chp@ke-fibertec.dkor +45 7536 4200.