Competitively priced alternative to traditional ventilation solutions


With our own weaving mill, KE Fibertec's prices will be stable for a long time to come
Prices for building materials and especially steel ducts are currently exploding. With our own weaving mill, we have entered into agreements on raw materials for the entire year  2021, and therefore we dare to say that textile based ventilation solutions from KE Fibertec are an alternative to conventional solutions - and this applies not only to the price, but just as much on installation efficiency and ergonomics.

All our textile ducts are tailored to the specific room, so there is no adjusting of the duct, and all suspension rails are cut to exact lengths, so that the total installation time is significantly reduced while avoiding waste. Textile material is a cheaper raw material than steel which leads to savings on the transport ductwork as a textile duct functions as both ventilation fitting and transport duct in the room.

Better ergonomics with easy handling
Compared to traditional ventilation solutions, the installation time is significantly shorter for a textile based ventilation system that, depending on the type of installation, can be installed up to 60% faster with easier initial adjustment compared to a complete installation of steel ducts.

At the same time, our textile materials weigh between 260-330 g/m² which is up to 9 times less than steel. It gives a much lower weight in total per duct  which not only makes handling easier, but it also means significantly lower shipping costs when delivering the textile system to the customer.

  • No waste of materials with tailored solutions
  • Textile material is a cheaper raw material than steel
  • Faster installation with up to 60% shorter installation time
  • Low weight - up to 9 times lower than conventional solutions
  • Smaller volume results in lower shipping costs and requires less storage space on the construction site

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