Cold air in meat processing plants without problems of condensation and draft


The food industry, for instance meat processing plants, makes demands on low room temperatures in large production rooms in order to ensure longer storage life and high meat quality. This may result in condensation problems as the cooling of the rooms is done via air distribution.

The work pattern of the employees is often monotonous and stationary and this also makes heavy demands on air distribution without draft.

KE Fibertec's low impulse systems have a large, active surface that eliminates these problems due to even and draught-free air distribution across the entire surface at a velocity of less than 0.1 m/s.

Hygienic solution with textile ducts

As opposed to steel ducting, textile ducts are very hygienic since they can easily and repeatedly be taken down for washing. KE Fibertec's customized GreenWeave fabrics prolong washing intervals considerably, at the same time reducing maintenance costs.

The processed materials absorb maximum 1% water even at a relative humidity of more than 90%. For this reason the fabrics are approved for food industry. Bacteria and microorganisms will deposit on the inside of the duct and will not come in contact with the products.

A wide product range allows KE Fibertec to offer the optimum solution for almost all types of projects in the food industry.

There are many benefits from KE textile ducts:

  • Tested and approved acc. to international fire standards incl. EN 13501-1
  • Efficient and uniform distribution of cool air
  • No draught and no dead zones
  • Free of condensation - no insulation required
  • Lightweight textile ducts that may be fitted to any type of ceiling
  • Easy maintenance - no growth of microorganisms
  • Silent air distribution - down to 25 dbA
  • Low operational costs due to high dust holding capacity of  materials

DC Beef in Holsted, DK, Europe's state-of-the-art cattle slaughterhouse, installed process ventilation with textile ducts to provide a good indoor climate and working environment for the employees of the plant.

See examples of KE Fibertec solutions in the food industry.

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