A healthy indoor climate benefits everyone


A good indoor environment with proper acoustics is key for the well-being and concentration of the employees. A well-dimensioned ventilation system must therefore be silent. Textile ducts have a positive impact on room attenuation as they act as sound baffles in the ceiling.

One of the key parameters during the design phase is determining the comfort requirements. A thorough needs analysis provides the basis for the design and a great deal of money can be saved by finding out what the end client’s actual requirements are. Unfortunately, there are far too many examples where the quality of the solution delivered does not at all reflect the end user’s expectations.

No matter how well the air is prefiltered, a certain amount of dust particles will always exist - partly deposited in ventilation ducts and fittings, and partly entering the room via the supply air of the ventilating unit. A KE textile duct filters out much of the residual suspended dust. In rooms with recirculation this is important for the quality of air since prefilters are hardly ever applied to filter the amount of air being recirculated. KE Fibertec offers two types of materials, MultiWeave and GreenWeave with high dust holding capacity and long washing intervals.

In environments that require frequent washing of the ducts it may be a good idea to have a spare set ready. In that way you can install clean textile ducts and take down the soiled ducts in one process. That saves both time and money and the running of the ventilation system will not be interrupted for maintenance.

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