62% lower carbon footprint with new packaging design


On the road to becoming carbon-neutral in 2030, we at KE Fibertec are continuously working on a large number of initiatives on new development and optimisation of our solutions. However, we do not just focus on the product itself, but also on ensuring that our services live up to our goal of minimising the impact on the environment and to have as high a degree of recyclability as possible. Over the years, we have i.a. optimised our washing concept with Nordic Ecolabelled detergent, we offer a buy-back scheme on all CradleVent textile ducts, and our customers are free to choose from a wide range of Cradle to Cradle-approved textile materials that help to create a good indoor climate.

Therefore, the decision to optimise our packaging was not difficult to make, and we are now ready to implement a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for packaging and transporting our products to our customers. We have had a goal of finding a supplier who has the same focus on the environment in their solutions, and from the beginning of the project we have had a really good collaboration with Smurfit Kappa on the development and determination of our new packaging concept. In the first phase of the optimisation towards a more environmentally friendly packaging, we have decided to focus primarily on material selection, printing method and elements of accessories, eg by switching to Hexacomb material for wrapping the suspension rails instead of EPS (expanded polystyrene). Hexacomb is a core cardboard, which is a 100% biodegradable material, which in addition to being much more environmentally friendly also offers advantages such as low weight, high durability and high flexibility with easy adaptation to any product form.

In addition to focusing on the environment and how we as a global company can contribute positively to this, the new packaging concept has allowed us to incorporate a more streamlined and uniform branding of our core product, Textile Based Ventilation. Furthermore, the new design represents the entire KE Fibertec Group as a global supplier of high quality and tailored solutions for a healthy indoor climate.

We are proud to have reached another important milestone with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging and transport solution. With the implementation of the first phase and the commissioning of a new packaging line starting in January, we will reduce our carbon footprint of our packaging by as much as 62%, which is a result that we are very pleased with. But the development does not stop here - we will continue to work with the further development of other elements in our packaging with a goal of creating an even lower carbon footprint in the future.