Sustainable duct socks by KE Fibertec

The objective of KE Fibertec is to create a healthy indoor climate in accord with all environmental demands. KE Fibertec manufactures tailored duct socks that provide an effective indoor climate solution with a design and colors that fit the room and become an integral part of the architectural expression.

KE Fibertec's duct socks are based on fibre technology and are widely used in schools, laboratories, sports centres, offices etc.

The validity of KE Fibertec's solutions can be illustrated by a system of duct socks that was installed in the atrium of the British Broomfield Hospital. The atrium connects the main building and a new wing, and the contractor stipulated that the duct socks follow the rounded shape of the walls of the building.

All duct socks were dyed in a color to match the room interior. In order to guarantee a good indoor climate and a uniform air distribution, the duct socks were supplied with nozzles to be able to control the direction of the air flow.

Environmental regulations and the demand from contractors for sustainable buildings have intensified over the years. Therefore, KE Fibertec has also begun to focus on sustainable duct socks.

A few years ago, KE Fibertec obtained the first Cradle to Cradle®certification of fabric duct socks by the EPEA Institute in Hamburg, Germany. This was a result of our efforts to establish the sustainability of our duct socks and to guarantee the entire life cycle of the duct socks, from cradle to cradle, i.e. from production to recycling.

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