KE-Inject® System

The KE-Inject® System is produced in the form of round (Ø), half-round (D), or quarter-round (½D) ducts and is made of a coated, non-permeable textile material with groups of small holes in the duct surface.

From a ventilation technology perspective, the KE-Inject® System can be regarded as an active high impulse system for mixing ventilation.

The KE-Inject® System, unlike its low impulse counterpart, can be used for cooling, ventilation and heating.



The reason for this is that KE Fibertec's high impulse systems, unlike its low impulse systems, are less dependent on external effects, such as convective heat currents in the room.



The supply air is delivered with high initial energy in the form of velocity (momentum) through holes, with the effect that the air is discharged into the room instead of being distributed through a textile surface at low velocity.

KE Fibertec markets three types of KE-Inject® Systems, with their characteristic patented hole design running along the duct's longitudinal surface. The systems are called KE-Inject Low Velocity, KE-Inject Medium Velocity and KE-Inject JET.

Adjustments of the hole design enables KE Fibertec to control the air flow very precisely. For short throw lengths and a high degree of mixing, a KE-Inject Low Velocity System with large spacing between the groups of holes is applied.

If the air must travel a longer distance, the KE Inject JET System with small spacing between the holes is applied.

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