Suspension systems

KE Fibertec's TBV systems are available with different suspension systems which can be fitted to any type of ceiling. What all the suspension systems have in common is that they are supplied cut to the same length as the fabric duct. They are also packaged with the necessary fixing components and a specific label indicating where they are meant to be installed.

Safetrack Arches



Safetrack Dual Arch Safetrack Duct Arch Safetrack 360

Safetrack Dual Arch

Dual Arch mounting brackets utilize the stability of double rails and are simultaneously quick and easy to install. Large fabric ducts will be stably suspended both with and without air, and installation time is reduced considerably as the ducts are mounted in a single ceiling rail.

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Safetrack Duct Arch
Duct Arch is a pre-bent aluminium rail mounted in hidden sewn-in pockets in the fabric ducts. The Arches reduce sagging when the air is off and prevent popping with ON-OFF start. The unique Safetrack is designed in a way so that the Arch brackets are easily clicked onto the ceiling rail without any tools.

Safe 360 
The Safe 360 system consists of removable rings per 40" or 20". The stainless steel rings are locked with velcro (12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock) inside the ducts so that they can easily be removed for washing. The ducts will keep looking inflated, and it is our best solution if popping is a big problem.

Curved fabric ducts

Product development of the TBV design now enables us to offer curved fabric ducts designed for a specific radius and with Safetrack rails that follow the shape of the duct. This product can naturally be combined with both ordinary passive low impulse systems and with our hybrid solution in which the impulse system is made with lasercut inject holes.

A good example of the versatility of KE Fibertec fabric duct systems is shown below.



Mount Easy

For systems with difficult access, like in swimming pool areas where the duct systems are suspended above the pool, KE Fibertec offers a solutions with cord pull called Mount Easy. The Mount Easy system enables a single person to install textile ducts of up to 130' from one end.


Colored Rails

Specific types of suspension systems are now also available in any given color. All visible parts are powder-coated in a high impact-resistant quality.


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